A journey worth a thousand photographs


The journey begins...

The journey begins...



As I set out on this journey- from Dallas to Raleigh, from success to ground zero- I find that I’m completely excited about what lies ahead. Everywhere I look is an opportunity. At every turn is a path to explore. Creativity has always filled my heart, and I have the rare opportunity to discover a path for my life and my passion that will not only pay the bills, but will help others, and bring joy to everyone around me. I have big plans. I just don’t know what they are yet.


The one thing I do know – I’ll learn all I can, and get some amazing images along the way.


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Bridal Photography Session – NC Museum of Art

This was an absolute perfect day for a bridal session! Alyson, you are so beautiful…

The dress came from Victorian Rose. So elegant, so gorgeous!

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Love Documented at RDU – Engagement session

This amazing couple came to me by way of Bailey’s Fine Jewelry. (Thanks, guys!) Tara and Brent were so much fun to shoot, and so beautiful! I never imagined that shooting at the airport could give us such great images, but here they are.

I love the way they look at each other, and really loved the way she gravitates to him no matter where he is… She also did that cute little foot pop all on her own… really adorable. Check these out…

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Christa Davidson Photography


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Ashley – Senior Photos, Raleigh, NC

This session was especially great for me, as a friend of ours from Texas made her way here for this shoot. Ashley is incredibly smart, fun and wise beyond her years. I can’t say enough how honored I am to have had this chance to spend the day with her. Here are a few faves from the day.


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Christa Davidson Photography

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Senior Photos – Alex

I had an incredible session with Alex Friday. We went to a local park in search of some fall color. We didn’t find much color in the trees, but I found something way cooler. In getting to know this particular senior, I discovered a truly beautiful young woman. She’s kind, respectful and polite, but much more than that, she’s creative, warm, expressive, fearless, playful, responsive, honest, vibrant, joyful and so much more that I have yet to discover. By the end of the session, I had quite honestly fallen in love with her. I pray that my daughter grows up to be as purely honest, kind, and  full of love as Alex is. It was honestly my pleasure to photograph her.

I don’t normally do a lot of black and white photos. I love beautiful, vibrant colors, but the light and textures I discovered in this shoot cried out for high-contrast black and whites, and I just had to throw in a couple. They are really breathtaking. These are my favorites from the day – enjoy!

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Christa Davidson Photography

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Beautiful Brahma Ridge Mountain Wedding – Asheville, NC

Wedding photography and fall in the mountains were made to go together, I’m convinced. And, I can’t imagine Tara and Ryan without each other. This couple is so real, so loving, and they have completely stolen my heart. This small, but beautiful wedding was filled with personal touches. Everything had meaning, and fit their personalities perfectly. It was not a “typical” wedding – it was so much better. No wedding cake, but cookies, pies, brownies and other desserts made from family recipes. Not a sign-in book, but a drawing of a tree where each guest stamped their thumb print and signed their name. And, finally, a beautiful mountainside ceremony surrounded by their closest friends and family – informal, intimate and absolutely moving.

So, after first pass, these are the stand-outs, and you can definitely tell my favorite parts of the day… 🙂 Well, enjoy them anyway.

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Christa Davidson Photography

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Raleigh Wedding – St. Raphael / Grand Marquis Ballroom

Carolina and Ray are married!! It was a long time coming, but this beautiful and incredibly sweet couple was finally married on Friday at St. Raphael Catholic church in Raleigh. The reception was at the Grand Marquis Ballroom in Garner, and it was set up so beautifully. Catering by Design served the yummy food, and Island Sound was everywhere – video, DJ, Emcee, sound engineer, translator … you get the idea. They were so much fun, and incredibly good at their jobs!

There are so many photos to go through, but here are some stand-outs from the night. I can’t wait to get through them all!!


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Matthews House wedding photography – Cary, NC

You would think that anyone who proposes on a Flying Saucer plate has got to be lots of fun. Well, Sarah and Phillip did not disappoint. I knew they wouldn’t. What I didn’t know is how deeply I would come to care about this family. Not only are they filled with crazy, outrageous ideas, and tons of smiles, but they are filled with love, compassion, integrity, and thoughtfulness. I have come to admire them so much – and not just because they invited me to the Saucer for drinks afterwards – but because their love for each other and everyone around them shines vividly on all their faces. I so enjoyed getting to know them, and consider myself blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of their lives. Thanks, guys!

The Matthews House was absolutely beautiful, and it was a perfect day! Here are a few favorites from the day. I hope you like them – it was really hard to narrow down!

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Christa Davidson Photography

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Dos Taquitos, Dos Locos y muchas risas

Ok, so my spanish is really rusty, but suffice it to say that Summer and John are a really crazy, fun couple who LOVE to laugh. Our engagement shoot, complete with mustaches and maracas, started at Dos Taquitos in Raleigh and ended at a beautiful downtown garden. What I really admire about these two even more than their sense of humor is their obvious love for each other. You can see it all over their faces in each and every image. It took me longer than normal to edit these because I just couldn’t narrow down my favorites. That happens to me a lot, but this time, I still ended up with 17 (instead of the usual 8-10 for the blog) and I’m actually grieving for some of the images that I had to leave out. (I know, I seriously need therapy… what can I say, I’m addicted to photography…) But, here they are: my favorite 17 images from Summer and John’s engagement shoot. I can’t wait to photograph the wedding… it’s going to be a blast. We will literally party all night on the Cape Fear River Deck!

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Christa Davidson Wedding Photography

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Downtown Raleigh Engagements – photography at the Saucer

Sarah and Phillip have to be one of the most fun couples ever! This police officer and his beautiful bride have quite a history at the Flying Saucer. So much so, that when I called to see if we could shoot there, they knew just who I was talking about! It was so much fun. I can’t wait for the wedding in September at The Matthews House in Cary. I know that since they’re up for just about anything, we’ll get some really amazing images. And, you can’t mistake the happiness on their faces when they look at each other. It really is sweet. Hope you guys enjoy this little sampling of my favorite photos!

Christa Davidson Wedding Photography – Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary

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Cherry Destination Wedding

The only thing better than photographing a beautiful dream wedding is photographing a beautiful dream wedding in the Bahamas. I spent four wonderful days with the most fun, incredibly thoughtful, exceptionally kind and entirely amazing family ever.  Beautiful Kaela and Adam were married on a pier outside the Beach Club Cafe at sunset. It was a meaningful celebration of the love that is shared by Kaela and Adam, and how much they are loved by family and friends. I am truly honored to have been a part of this celebration! And, I’m so glad no one ended up in the ocean with the lion fish and stingrays… 🙂

Here are a few of my favorite images from the weekend… take a look-see. Oh, and I kind of miss that chivalrous competition… I’ve been spoiled! 🙂

Christa Davidson Wedding Photography

Based in Raleigh / Durham, North Carolina

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